19 mai 2008


Wide stomach, that is for sure ;)

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OpenID hatrabbit a dit...

the drawing is very cute, I like the coloured fish--your comment made me laugh!


20 mai 2008 à 01 h 16  
Blogger Emily a dit...

dead fish!...sigh sushi... cats know their stuff!

20 mai 2008 à 06 h 11  
Blogger -J.Meyer a dit...

aw cute cat!
The picture made me giggle. =)


20 mai 2008 à 13 h 40  
Blogger Kstyles a dit...

Great illo! Very funny!

21 mai 2008 à 13 h 41  
Blogger Connie a dit...

I love this simply drawn cat. This made me laugh.

21 mai 2008 à 17 h 05  
Blogger The Green Telephone a dit...

Funny! Great style too.

22 mai 2008 à 14 h 18  
Blogger Monica a dit...

What a fun idea for "Wide", that hungry cat is quite adorable. I browsed a bit through your blog and you have some wonderful illustrations!

25 mai 2008 à 07 h 18  
Blogger Dipak Sawant a dit...

Nice work on this blog.....

26 mai 2008 à 01 h 52  
Blogger Eric Orchard a dit...

Bonjoiur Katherine! Great stuff, full of humour and fun.

26 mai 2008 à 15 h 44  
Blogger Eclectic Works a dit...

Great idea for "Wide" :) Love it! Thank you for your comment on my blog! :) Did you get my surprise yet?

27 mai 2008 à 21 h 34  
Blogger Raluca C a dit...

great illo!!Your cats are all so funny characters!!!

1 juin 2008 à 14 h 44  

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