18 avril 2008


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Blogger Emily a dit...

what little sweeties!
I live in the bottom of the middle you could say... in Stockholm. I am glad you enjoyed your visit! I lived in Rosemere a while, Montreal is lovely in the summer.
what braught you to sweden?


28 avril 2008 à 15 h 22  
Blogger Zari a dit...

love the middle monster...so cute!

29 avril 2008 à 08 h 14  
OpenID petitefille a dit...

Ohhhhhhhh CUTEEE

1 mai 2008 à 16 h 47  
Blogger Emily a dit...

I remember St-Jean Baptist!
My dad worked on contract in Montreal, and we lived in Rosemere... but I haven't been back in Quebec in almost 9 years... miss it sometimes(even the snow... hihi).

where is your home town?

2 mai 2008 à 21 h 58  
Blogger The Lone Beader a dit...

Your monstres are cute! :D

20 mai 2008 à 00 h 27  
Blogger eclectic works a dit...

Love your monsters! The top blue monster is my favorite! :)

24 mai 2008 à 13 h 53  

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