24 janvier 2008

Lonely / seul

Pauvre de lui.. seul au monde
Poor little guy, alone in the world...

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Blogger Zari a dit...

oh boy! he looks so sad! hello poor little guy...you are not alone cos you got my heart! ;)
-this is lovely!

26 janvier 2008 à 19 h 35  
Blogger Emily a dit...

âllo! He looks like a mumin-troll! tell him there are others like him in Finnland! Il y trouvera peut-être des companion pour la route!

27 janvier 2008 à 18 h 34  
Blogger Katherine S a dit...

thanks all!
emily! c'est vrai, it looks like Mumin-troll!! i didn't realize it!!! oh well..!! :)

27 janvier 2008 à 18 h 48  
Blogger cata a dit...

Thank you indeed for your comment in my blog!
I love your little Hippo!

29 janvier 2008 à 12 h 20  
Blogger Moony a dit...

This adorable little guy arrived at my house today. I was more than happy to bring him in out of the cold and give him a nice cup of hot coacoa. He's got quite a few stories to tell.

Thank you so much for the trade Katherine! I adore him!

29 janvier 2008 à 19 h 24  

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