24 mai 2007

IF: Sign /Signe

Un chien qui a conscience qu'il est perdu ;)
A dog who, at least, knows he is lost;)

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Blogger Nancy Bea a dit...

Il est charmant ! Pauvre petit, il doit avoir peur.

24 mai 2007 à 10 h 40  
Blogger Duncan a dit...

What a charming pooch - lovelypencil drawing.

24 mai 2007 à 11 h 51  
Blogger Adam a dit...

That's a cute dog you've got there. Like a big ball of fur!

24 mai 2007 à 13 h 30  
Blogger EPOS Inc. a dit...

Thank you for the kind words! I love the simplicity and directness of your work!

24 mai 2007 à 14 h 34  
Blogger artnewbie a dit...

Thankyou for dropping by. What a great idea - and so well done. Fun! Diane X

24 mai 2007 à 15 h 18  
Blogger Janice a dit...

very sweet!

24 mai 2007 à 17 h 05  
Blogger Big Zed a dit...

My dog should be holding a sign like this as she has just peed on the stairs! A Lovely drawing and a very cute and polite doggy.

24 mai 2007 à 20 h 51  
Blogger Larry Lee a dit...

Very fun. Great.

24 mai 2007 à 23 h 37  
Anonymous Carol Rose Parker a dit...

tres jolie~ I don't know French, except for a few words. Your illustrations are wonderful! Thanks for your comment on my "Cars" illustration.

~Carol Rose

26 mai 2007 à 18 h 57  
Anonymous Fred of Hypocrisy a dit...

Some good stuff on this blog! Just keep that creativity alive and flowing :)
See you later k of k

25 juin 2007 à 05 h 33  
Anonymous Bryan B. a dit...

I really like your drawings a lot. So much character. And Porcupine Tree is my favorite band! :)

26 juillet 2007 à 23 h 00  
Blogger rui a dit...

nice drawings you have! congratolations for your great work!

13 août 2007 à 15 h 26  
Anonymous aidakitsch a dit...

poor dog, love the lines!!!

4 septembre 2007 à 16 h 33  
Blogger Perriette a dit...

Poor pup! Your artwork is delightful.

20 septembre 2007 à 21 h 29  
Blogger platinum blonde a dit...

i love this!!!

one girl show

23 septembre 2007 à 20 h 23  
Anonymous catnapping a dit...

He reminds me of a dog from my childhood...a neighbor's dog, who used to slobber on me with love.

A charming illustration.

28 septembre 2007 à 13 h 21  

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