21 janvier 2007

Super Hero

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Blogger marcisenders a dit...

So cute!

21 janvier 2007 à 20 h 24  
Blogger studio lolo a dit...

Who me??? How cute. He doesn't look prepared to help someone in distress. He's very lovable!

21 janvier 2007 à 20 h 53  
Blogger katsta a dit...

Studio lolo : no, he is kinda.. lost he doesn't know what he is doing in that outfit!!

21 janvier 2007 à 22 h 21  
Blogger Alina Chau a dit...

CUTE character!

22 janvier 2007 à 00 h 51  
Blogger Alexei Martins a dit...

AWESOME hero!!Hahaha love his face!!

22 janvier 2007 à 09 h 05  
Anonymous get zapped a dit...

So sweet! Oops! What did I get myself into this time? : ) Nice work.

22 janvier 2007 à 12 h 15  
Blogger aeneadellaluna a dit...

Your character design is so very cute like some people say! but it's also very lively and the colours are beautiful! I like it a lot!

23 janvier 2007 à 05 h 31  
Blogger mrana a dit...

this is a great superhero! Love his expression. Your drawings are cool!

23 janvier 2007 à 12 h 17  
Blogger Malin H a dit...

Thanks for your comment, To answer your q; I used Corel Painter on the SuperMa illo, as well as on most of my other illustrations (except the watercolor paintings of course). I'm not so very good at PS but hope to be some day.

23 janvier 2007 à 13 h 43  
Blogger Ellen a dit...

Cute hero!!

23 janvier 2007 à 22 h 58  

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