27 novembre 2006

Illustration Friday* - Invention

Pour ma premiere contribution à ce site, voici l'invention rêvée!! Un on/off pour le cerveau.. quel soulagement ca serait!

For my first contribution ever to IF, here's the invention of a lifetime! An On/Off switch for your brain.. imagine!


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Anonymous Katrin a dit...

Some people could definately need one of those. They always seem to be in the off-mode. Very nice idea and cute drawing!

And, of course, welcome to IF =]

27 novembre 2006 à 13 h 19  
Blogger Diane Duda a dit...

love this! what a wonderful invention!

27 novembre 2006 à 13 h 48  
Anonymous robertc a dit...

Genius invention! I wonder if others could control the switch as well. This would be a very interesting social experiment.

27 novembre 2006 à 17 h 58  
Blogger PaintMonster a dit...

haha nice cute work!!

27 novembre 2006 à 20 h 07  
Blogger Katsta a dit...

hey, thanks eveyone for the nice comments :)
Robertc: hm.. perhaps it would be usefull sometimes to control the switch on others!!

27 novembre 2006 à 20 h 54  
Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

Great idea...turn off the bad thoughts, turn on the good ones!!

27 novembre 2006 à 23 h 10  
Blogger Michelle Lana a dit...

haha...me encanta!

27 novembre 2006 à 23 h 46  
Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

I can't find the switch

28 novembre 2006 à 07 h 52  
Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

Very cool idea. I could use one of those from time to time. Congratulations on your first Illustration Friday contribution! Hope to see many more in the future :)

28 novembre 2006 à 09 h 09  
Blogger Simon Streatfeild a dit...

If you flick the switch too much maybe your brain would blow! Just like a lightbulb!! AHHH! hehehehe!
Fantastic work.

28 novembre 2006 à 16 h 51  
Blogger Arzu a dit...

very cool idea,
teach me french:D

29 novembre 2006 à 01 h 36  
Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

Is the switch a Valium?

29 novembre 2006 à 06 h 34  
Blogger Katsta a dit...

Thanks everyone!

jeanette: a valium? hehe, you think it looks like it! oh well! ;)

29 novembre 2006 à 08 h 59  
Blogger coloribus a dit...

C'est une idée géniale, je voudrai bien être équipée d'un tel bouton ;o)

10 décembre 2006 à 02 h 03  

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